The RTFHS publishes a wide variety of specialist publications to help you to trace your Romany Gypsy, Fairground and Traveller ancestors and find out more about your heritage. It includes research guides, a series containing the family trees of famous British Romany families, reprints of historic books about Gypsy life in Britain and titles about the history and culture of travelling people, to name a few.

We also sell books from other publishers that have a Gypsy, Fairground and Traveller family history theme. All our books are available to buy by ordering online or by post. Click on the links to find out more.

Research Guides

A Surrey Gypsy Bibliography: Sources for family and social history
My Ancestors Were Gypsies
On The Gypsy Trail: Sources for the Family History of Gypsies –
currently out of print

Family Histories

Fairground Families

ROWLAND –  Fairground Destiny: the story of the Rowland family

Gypsy Families

AYRES – But for a Little More Evidence – a Family History of William Ayres, Gypsy, 1806-1872
NEW EDITION! AYRES – But for Further Evidence: The Continuing Family History of William Ayres, Gypsy
NEW – FREE ONLINE SUPPLEMENT! AYRES – Yet More Evidence: Continuing the extended Smith and Ayres family of William Ayres, Gypsy, 1806-1872
BOSWELL The Early Romany Boswells: A Family History 1650-1810 – Part 1: The Early Boswells and Famous Boswells
BOSWELL The Early Romany Boswells: A Family History 1650-1810 – Part 2: Boswells in Parish Records & The Blewitts, Scamps and Lovells
The Boyce and Beckett Trail
 Index of Buckland and Buckley Names Extracted from the Journals of the Gypsy Lore Society

The RTFHS Famous Families Series

BOSWELL – The Family Tree of Viney Boswell
BUCKLAND – The Family Tree of Barrington Buckland
BURTON – The Family Tree of Henry & Dove Burton
BUTLER – The Family Tree of Joseph and Letitia Butler
– The Family Trees of Francis & Mary Clayton and John & Mary Booth
DOE – The Family Tree of Francis Doe 
– The Descendants of John and Jemima Elliott
GRAY – The Family Tree of Thomas and Elizabeth Gray
HEARN – The Family Trees of Benjamin and Thomas Hearn
LEE – The Family Trees of Damon and Thomas Lee
LOCK – The Family Tree of Matthew & Merrick Lock
The Family Tree of Daniel and Violetta Lovell
The Family Tree of Major and Susanna Lovell
– The Family Tree of William and Margaret Loveridge
SCAMP – The Family Tree of Samson and Celia Scamp
SMITH – The Family Tree of Woodfine Smith
STANLEY – The Family Trees of Hercules and Peter Stanley. Updated and expanded 2019 edition
STANLEY – The Family Trees of Paul & Peter and Richard & Owen Stanley

TEN MAJOR GYPSY FAMILIES OF WALES & THE ENGLISH WEST & NORTH: Evans, Ryalls, Heaps, Holland, Florence, Scarrott, Sherriff, Charlotte, Warton and Heron

1891 Census Transcriptions

Some Travellers in the 1891 Census – Volume 2

History and Lifestyle

An RTFHS South Country Family Album – free online book
The Gypsy Countess
British Gypsy and Traveller History to 1900 Through Art
Gypsies of Britain
A Calendar of Fairs and Markets
The Winchester Confessions 1615-1616 –
very low stock
Mi Zee of Kolliko: My Own Memories –
very low stock
My Favourite Traveller Ancestor –
very low stock

Reprints of Classic Books

The Gipsies’ Advocate by James Crabb
The Gypsies by John Hoyland

Romany Routes Indexes and Back Issues

Romany Routes Volumes 1 to 9 as two digital downloads in PDF format
Romany Routes Volumes 3, 4 and 5: free online name and place indexes
Romany Routes binders
Romany Routes Back Issues, Volumes 10 to 14


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