The Lincolnshire Travellers Birth, Marriage and Death Certificates and Parish Register Collection

Looking for an ancestor who travelled through the county of Lincolnshire? Perhaps our Lincolnshire Travellers Birth, Marriage and Death Certificates and Parish Register Collection can help.

It’s been inspired by the work of RTFHS member the late Vivienne Halton who in her lifetime collected many references to her own travelling ancestors in Lincolnshire and surrounding counties. Vivienne’s research papers have now been kindly donated to the RTFHS by her widower via RTFHS members Anne Ford and Eric Trudgill, and we are pleased to be able to share this important legacy with others through the medium of the RTFHS website. .

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 Births and baptisms

Born 11 July 1868, East Keal, Lincolnshire, son of Samson Brown and Ann Brown, formerly Hellet. Occupation: General Labourer. Informant: the mark of Ann Brown, Mother, East Keal. [Source: birth certificate]

BROWN Elizabeth
Born 15 November 1875, Ludford Parva, Lincolnshire, daughter of Hezekiah Brown and Lydia Brown, formerly Pierce. Occupation: Horse Dealer. Informant: the mark of Lydia Brown, Mother, Ludford Parva. [Source: birth certificate]

BROWN John Arthur
Born 10 February 1874, Caistor, Lincolnshire, son of William Brown and Sophia Brown, formerly Pierce. Occupation: Besom Maker. Informant: the mark of Sophia Brown, Mother, Caistor. [Source: birth certificate]

Born 21 August 1858, Alford, Lincolnshire, daughter of William Brown and Eunetta Brown, formerly Smith. Occupation: Chair mender. Informant: the mark of Eunetta Brown, Mother, Alford. [Source: birth certificate]

Born 19 November 1893, in a van in George Street, Market Rasen, Lincolnshire, daughter of Elias Brown and Alice Brown, formerly Winter. Occupation: Hawker. Informant: the mark of Alice Brown, Mother, George Street, Market Rasen. [Source: birth certificate]

BROWN Louisa
Born 20 May 1860, Ulceby, Lincolnshire, daughter of Charles Brown and Isabella Brown, formerly Gray. Occupation: Besom-maker. Informant: the mark of Isabella Brown, Mother, Ulceby. [Source: birth certificate]

BROWN Samson
Born 9 January 1842, in a tent in Toynton St Peters, Lincolnshire, son of Samson Brown and Lucy Brown, formerly Smith. Occupation: Chair bottomer. Informant: the mark of Joanna Brown, Occupier, Toynton St Peters. [Source: birth certificate]

Bp 12 January 1833, Welton, Lincolnshire, son of John and Sophia Charlot, of no settled residence, Chair bottomer.

Born 3 March 1841, Binbrook St Gabriel, Lincolnshire, son of John Clayton and Fanny Clayton, formerly Smith. Occupation: Labourer. Informant: Fanny Clayton, Mother, Binbrook St Gabriel. [Source: birth certificate]

Born 30 April 1879, Tetney, Lincolnshire, daughter of Henry Clayton and Sarah Clayton, formerly Brown. Occupation: Farm Labourer. Informant: the mark of Sarah Clayton, Mother, Tetney. [Source: birth certificate]

Born 24 September 1841, Woolsthorpe, Lincolnshire, son of John Clayton and Frances Clayton, formerly Booth. Occupation: Chair Bottomer. Informant: the mark of John Clayton, Father, Woolsthorpe Lane. [Source: birth certificate]

DRURY Alfred
Born 15 August 1870, in a van, Boston Road, Horncastle, Lincolnshire, son of Henry Drury and Elizabeth Drury, formerly Pierce. Occupation: Husbandman. Informant: the mark of Elizabeth Drury, Mother, Boston Road, Horncastle. [Source: birth certificate]

GRAY Abraham
Born 3 September 1888, Ruskington, Lincolnshire, son of Francis Gray and Jane Gray, formerly Smith. Occupation: Horse-dealer. Informant: the mark of Jane Gray, Mother, Ruskington. [Source: birth certificate]

GRAY Arthur
Born 16 February 1867, Commercial Road, Spittlegate, Grantham, Lincolnshire, son of John Gray and Eliza Gray, formerly Ellet. Occupation: Cattle-dealer. Informant: the mark of Eliza Gray, Mother, Commercial Road, Spittlegate. [Source: birth certificate]

GRAY Louis
Born 28 March 1866, In a camp Navenby Lowfield, Lincolnshire, son of Joseph Gray and Mary Gray, formerly Elliott. Occupation: Tinner and Brazier. Informant: the mark of Mary Gray, Mother, Navenby. [Source: birth certificate]

Born 21 April 1849, Walcott, Lincolnshire, son of William Newbury and Jemima Newbury, formerly Elliott. Occupation: Potter. Informant: the mark of William Newbury, Father, Walcott. [Source: birth certificate]

PIERCE Delijah
Born 12 December 1856, 11.30pm, Creetham, Lincolnshire, son of Eldred Pierce and Misrette Pierce, formerly Young. Occupation: Tinker. Informant: the mark of Misrette Pierce, Mother, Creetham. [Source: birth certificate]

SMITH Caroline
Bp 30 August 1839, Bardney, Lincolnshire, daughter of Eunette Smith of Bardney, Traveller.


28 April 1904, The Register Office, Lincoln, Lincolnshire
William Elliott/aged 21/Bachelor/Horse Dealer/Turk’s Head Yard, Newport, Lincoln/[section for father’s name left blank] Sarah Drury/aged 21/Spinster/Turk’s Head Yard, Newport, Lincoln/Daughter of Alfred Drury/Horse Dealer
Both sign X
Witnesses: Christopher Elliott and Margaret Drury (both sign X)
[Source: marriage certificate]

18 June 1849, Parish of South Witham, Lincolnshire
Joseph Gray/aged 23/Bachelor/Horse dealer/South Witham/Son of Charles Gray/Horse dealer
Mary Ann Newberry/aged 19/Spinster/South Witham/Daughter of John Elliott/Horse dealer
Both sign X
Witnesses: Thomas Boyce (signs), Elizabeth Elliott (signs X)
[Source: marriage certificate]

10 July 1842, Parish Church, Wellingore, Lincolnshire
William Gray/Minor/Bachelor/Potter/Wellingore/Son of Charles Gray/Potter
Mary Smith/Minor/Spinster/Wellingore/Daughter of William Smith/Potter
Both sign X
Witnesses: Bathuel Smith (signs X) and Frances Charlotte Smith (signs)
[Source: marriage certificate]

4 October 1849, Parish Church, Londonthorpe, Lincolnshire
William Newberry/Of full age/Bachelor/Huckster/Londonthorpe/Son of Thomas Newberry/Huckster
Abigail Smith/Of full age/Spinster/Londonthorpe/Daughter of William Smith/Fiddler
Both sign X
Witnesses: William Gasten (signs), Matilda Smith (signs X)
[Source: marriage certificate]

23 January 1899, St Andrew’s Church, Great Grimsby, Lincolnshire
Ernest Nuttell/aged 20/Bachelor/Traveller/Garibaldi Street/Son of John Nuttell/Carpenter
Selina Elliott/aged 21/Spinster/of Garibaldi Street/Daughter of Frank Elliott/ Horse dealer
Ernest signs his name
Selina signs X
Witnesses: J. W. Coulthard and Maria Caroline Nuttell (both sign)
[Source: marriage certificate]

27 October 1845, Ludford Parish Church, Lincolnshire
Stephen Pearce/Full age/Bachelor/Chairmaker/Ludford Magna/Son of Thomas Pearce/Bootmaker
Tehenny Elliott/Full age/Spinster/Gipsy/Ludford Magna/Daughter of Founders Elliott/Potter
Both sign X
Witnesses: Frances Clayton and Benjamin Clayton (both sign X)
[Source: marriage certificate]

Deaths and burials

Died 13 August 1928, Upton, Lincolnshire. Aged 69. Wife of Alfred Drury, a Horse Dealer (retired). Cause of death: 1a Cancer of breast; 1b Exhaustion. No PM. Certified by Wallace Eales. Informant: Alfred Drury, Widower of deceased, Present at the death, Upton. [Source: death certificate]

GRAY Archalus Newberry
Died 21 March 1850, Timberland, Billinghay, Lincolnshire. Aged 7 weeks. Son of Joseph Gray, Fidler . Cause of death: Convulsions – not certified, no medical attendant. Informant: The mark of William Newberry, in attendance, Timberland.
[Source: death certificate]

GRAY Joseph
Died 26 January 1867, Market Rasen, Lincolnshire. Aged 6. Son of Joseph Gray, Gipsy. Cause of death: Accidental burning. Informant: Information received Geo. Marris, Coroner for Lincolnshire. Inquest held 28 January 1867. [Source: death certificate]

Died 26 March 1896, Brigg, Lincolnshire. Aged 50. Horse Dealer of Yaddlethorpe. Cause of death: Accidentally killed by being thrown out of a trap. Informant: Certificate received from L. C. Iveson, Deputy Coroner for Lincolnshire. Inquest held 27 March 1896. [Source: death certificate]

WINTER Cinderella
Died 27 March 1888, North Kelsey, Lincolnshire. Aged 56. Wife of Richard Winter, Horse dealer. Cause of death: Pneumonia, 9 days, certified by J. A. Goodfellow MB. Informant: The mark of Richard Winter, widower of the deaceased, North Kelsey. [Source: death certificate]

Died 2 May 1899, Yaddlesthorpe, Lincolnshire. Aged 7 months. Son of Kate Winter. Cause of death: Tabes Mesenterica, Asthenia, certified by R. T. Cassel LSA. Informant: the mark of Jemima Elliott, present at the death, Yaddlesthorpe. [Source: death certificate]

Died 7 May 1899, Yaddlesthorpe, Lincolnshire. Aged 24. Daughter of Richard Winter, Horse Dealer. Cause of death: Influenza, Acute Phthisis certified by R. T. Cassel LSA. Informant: the mark of Jemima Elliott, present at the death, Yaddlesthorpe. [Source: death certificate]


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