Will you help your Society? Join the Committee

The future of the RTFHS is in your hands. So please volunteer now

In 2016 – more than ever – it’s vital that we get extra people on board to join the RTFHS Committee if your Society is to have a future. We currently have only eight people on the RTFHS Committee and to make things work well we need 12. And by joining, you will bring to the Committee fresh thinking, different skills and new energy to make your Society better than ever.

To become one of our Committee members, you first need to be an RTFHS member – and then there are a variety of things you could help us with. Here are a couple of the vacancies we have at the moment. These roles are brand new so you can virtually make them what you want them to be and write your own ‘job description’.

Be an Events Co-ordinator – and help us find and book venues for our Open Days and Society Days, liaise with potential speakers/performers and local media and check  everyone involved knows what they need to do or bring on the day.

Be a Project Co-ordinator - and help to plan and organise things like typing up parish register finds to add to our website and double-checking indexes.

How and where does the Committee work? 

The RTFHS Committee meets three times a year, in March, June and November. In March and June, we’re usually in Hook, Hampshire. In November we’re sometimes in Central London.

The meetings run from about 10am until 3.30pm with lunch in the middle. You’ll find them friendly and sociable get-togethers. Travel expenses are paid and lunch is provided too.

You’ll also need to be willing to come along and lend a hand at our Society Days that are held once a year in May or June.

Sounds like something you could do?

For more information or to volunteer to join the RTFHS Committee, please contact the RTFHS Secretary: enquiries[at]rtfhs.org.uk

We are grateful to Robert Clemens for use of his tug of war photograph via Flickr Creative Commons.

This page last updated: 3 February 2016