Interested in the origins of Scottish Travellers? You could help researchers at the University of Edinburgh. They are looking for people who have at least two grandparents from any Traveller community in the UK, Northern Ireland or the Irish Republic to join them in a new genetic study.

It seems that no studies have ever been made about the genes of Scottish Travellers. So the University want to analyse the DNA of around 400 people with Traveller ancestors to investigate if and how Scottish Travellers might relate to English and Welsh Romany Gypsies and Irish Travellers.
Volunteers will be asked to complete an online questionnaire and also provide a saliva sample by post.

 If you’d like register your interest in the project, go to this page of the University of Edinburgh’s website. There’s also more information about the project here.
Our thanks to RTFHS member Tony Gee for alerting us to news of this project which he found on the Scottish Genes website.