Travellers Through Time: A Gypsy History, published by Reaktion Books (London) in July 2023, is the well-researched and very readable book you need to take you step by step through the centuries that Romany Gypsies have made Britain their home: from their arrival in these islands in around 1505 to the modern-day. It’s the latest addition to the books available from the RTFHS.

The author Jeremy Harte is curator of the Bourne Hall Museum in Ewell, Surrey, and creator of the Surrey Gypsy Archive. Many examples of the impact of historic events on individual Gypsies are therefore Surrey-based: a big bonus if your ancestors lived in or travelled through that area.

For more information and to find out how to place order, go to our History and Lifestyle Publications page. There you’ll also find a list of the many Gypsy surnames mentioned in the text.